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In Switzerland and abroad, whether a graduate or a student, HTMi is a large internationalStudent from Ukraine family. It is composed of students and graduates from more than 35 countries worldwide, our international teaching staff, our worldwide representative network and our partners in the international hotel and tourism industry. A warm welcome from our international family of students at HTMi �..

Anna Kleyner, Ukraine, MBA in Hospitality Management, 2006


The founders of HTMi have established a center of excellence in higher education and practice. HTMi has good study facilities for students including: 24 hour internet facility, access to online libraries, computerized classrooms. Teachers are very keen on dealing with students and I really appreciate it. The medium of instruction in the University is English, i.e. all verbal and written class work, assignments, and practical work is carried out in English. (The only exceptions to this are the language courses). Also, they reflect Swiss culture. By the way, I met a lot of friends from different cultures throughout the world and I experienced adopting inter-cultural practices. I recommend HTMi to everyone.

Cihan Soyhan, Turkey, Certificate in International Hotel and Tourism Operations, 2006

18.jpgHTMi offers high quality academic programmes. The academic staff is really nice and helpful to students. They have an excellent theoretical background. Besides, concerning hospitality industry, practice is very important. During our studies, we practice all departments of the hotel. HTMi enables me to gain practical experience while learning theory. In addition, HTMi offers variety kinds of internship opportunities in Switzerland or abroad. There is a safe and clean environment to study and enjoy. Furthermore, HTMi has good leisure and relaxation facilities including swimming pool, sauna, student bar, gym/fitness centre, basketball, pool, TVs in all bedrooms. I really like being in Switzerland and in a place like HTMi.

Kutay Bezirci, Turkey, MBA in Hospitality Management, 2006

030.jpgHTMi is located in one of the beautiful parts of Switzerland, the town of Soerenberg. It is really good to study in a safe and peaceful environment. The school has a good educational infrastructure, including computer facilities with 24 hour-wireless Internet connection. Besides, it has very good accommodation facilities to relax. In order to do sports, we have a swimming pool in one of the hotels; tennis courts, basketball fields, gym, and other areas for sports outside the hotels. Soerenberg is a ski resort that is why, during winter, there are excellent facilities and activities for skiing and snowboarding. I recommend HTMi.

Liao Shih Ting, Taiwan, Certificate in International Hotel and Tourism Operations, 2006

The first image when I arrived Switzerland, was beautiful white snow and then I saw how pretty this school is.

HTMi is a high quality study environment reflecting the best qualities of safe, beautiful and rich culture of Swiss life. This is the most impressive attraction for loving HTMi.

I am doing the certificate course this year. We learned about not only the theory of hospitality, but also service and kitchen practical experience.I learned a lot from it,including communication and professional attitude with people. I was surprised that when I went for my first try-out in

the hotel for my internship, I was able to use everything the school has been teaching us, for example, setting the tables and the way of serving.

The school has students from all over the world, it contains very rich cultural atmosphere. I learned a lot about other different cultures. I have very pleasant experiences to study and work with friends and the strong teamwork experience which is central to hospitality management.

Ting-Ting, Liao Shi Ting

Jenaro Samos Rojas, Bolivia, Certificate in International Hotel and Tourism Operations, 2006


I am so proud to study in HTMi School. I am doing the first course now that is certificate, and I want to express myself about this school. I arrived here at the end of January and a person encharged to pick up the students from the Zurich airport went to pick me up, then he took me to the school, since that time until now many events happened. The studies here are very hard in all the subjects that I have, but you can achieve a lot of knowledge in the hospitality industry. Also you are going to find friendly people in the HTMi School, teachers, students, etc. After the academic semester is finished, the school is going to find a place where you can do internship and improve your knowledge that you have learned before. Also in HTMi, students at certificate level have service and kitchen practical training to improve them to be better in the hospitality and tourism field. For all of those reasons is why that I want to say that I think HTMi School, is one of the best in Switzerland and around the world.

Vanessa Xing, China, Higher Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management 2006

I am the third year student in HTMi from China, and in this moment I am doing higher diploma course. I am glad to see our school become more and more nice, regarding for the staff in school, the facility in school, the quality about the student resource, the surrounding, everything is fantastic. For the following training, I will go to a restaurant where I was working before.

During the next semester I am very happy to hear about more and more improvements and I can enjoy these when I do my BA degree course. In the new HTMi in Soerenberg it should be Thanks for all the help for my higher diploma semester.

Best wishes to all.

Sincerely: Vanessa Xing

Yuwadee Charoensak, Thailand, MBA in Hospitality, Management 2006

050.jpgI really like HTMi. The teachers are professional. I learn a lot from them. People here are so nice and friendly. The environment is so beautiful and is a good place to study. During my MBA course, I have met many good friends here so I feel like here is my home. I have a good room, good food, and good amenity and so on.

I am also amazed by the lovely environments around the school, amazing mountains views, skiing activities and much more. That makes me feel really comfortable to be in our school. I think HTMi is one of the greatest hotel schools in Switzerland. I am proud to be one of the students here.

Alina Belayeva, Latvia, Certificate in International Hotel and Tourism Operations, 2006

latvia.jpgMy name is Alina Belayeva. I am a student from Latvia. That is my first course in this school, the Certificate course. I’m studying here from January 28 2006 and I have only great impressions of HTMi School. For me it was really new to know, that in this school all students and teachers are like a family. The atmosphere here is very warm and friendly. The education system is very interesting, exciting and you can feel that you will have really good opportunity for future career. I can see that all students who are studying here know what to do, and what they want. They know exactly the goal of their life. I’m very happy that I’m here. HTMi School is the best thing what I have had in my life.

Stanislav Pererodin, Russia, Certificate in International Hotel and Tourism Operations, 2006

My name is Stanislav Pererodin. I am from Russia. I want to tell you briefly, what HTMi is. HTMi070.jpg has a fine organisation, and a professional teacher’s structure. The school is in a wonderful place in the center of the Alps. Everyone here studies and trains in our hotels. You get many friends from different countries. Here training and practice, happen simultaneously. In my opinion this is the Moscow State University equivalent in Switzerland, very good! I know precisely that after graduation the diploma from HTMi opens doors in many companies. If you have a big interest in HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, and you see yourself in it, then this is the place for helping you to become an expert.

Adrian Cho, Korea, Higher Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management 2006

I am a student in HTMi doing the Higher Diploma course at the moment. I find the school as one of the leading Hotel schools in Switzerland and also quite beneficial for students coming to study here. This is the reason why this school has been growing rapidly year by year, at an enormous percentage of development. This School will lead you not only to be a manager but also to be an effective person in this Hospitality industry. With world-wide certified accreditations, staff members, lecturers and talented students, I believe that these factors will create positive synergy effects to develop the school to be one of the best hotel management schools in the world in the future.

Best Regards,

Adrian from HD

Kesuma Pahlufi, Indonesia, MBA in Hospitality Management 2006

I, Kesuma, am really impressed by HTMi. I am really proud of being a student of this lovely school. The first day I arrived I felt like I was in my home, with the warm and friendly teachers, lovely friends, great environment, wonderful place surrounded by snowing mountains. The other things that made feel so comfortable are great friends that I have. They come from various countries and all of them are like brothers and sisters.

I am taking the MBA Hospitality management course in HTMi, and it is the first group of students to do this course as well as the first hotel school in Switzerland that provides an internship internationally or in Switzerland. The course is interesting and the content is comprehensive. It is taught by professional and qualified teachers and all of them are really helpful and generous.

My message for HTMi students before I leave this school is show the best, be the best, show the world that great hoteliers could come from this school and who knows that someday a hotel tycoon will be one of the HTMi graduates.



Julia Osmanova, Black Sea Region, Higher Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management 2006

Coming to study in HTMi was the hardest and the best decision in my life. Compared to the Russian education system the advantage of Swiss Hotel Management Schools is the possibility16.jpg to use new knowledge in practice in training classes and to see on campus how your future job will be.

I started HTMi with the Diploma course and now I have decided to reach the last step – the MBA degree. I am glad with my choice and happy to do my internship in Switzerland, the motherland of the Hotel and Tourism Management Industry.

I want to thank all people in HTMi who are helping me to become a manager.

My advice to all students: take advantage of today and do the best for your future career. Welcome to HTMi!

Best regards, Julia

Jay Anandou, India, Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management

Dear Friends,

It is quite fascinating to turn back and look at what I was doing a year ago in India and what I060.jpg am now and what lays ahead for me in the future. I don抰 have enough words of gratitude when I try to tell others about my experience in HTMi. When I came to Switzerland, HTMi, I had no Hospitality background and I had no idea of the industry. I joined in PGD class. I did fairly well with the blessings and support of the wonderful lecturers we have. Because taking my attitude and constant improvisation I was offered a very good internship. With the dynamic leadership of HTMi Principal, I experienced on Campus Recruitment and Companies like Hyatt, Intercontinental, Hilton and Walt Disney (USA), came to visit us… The results were amazing, not only for me but also for many who attended the interviews. Now HTMi has proved beyond doubt that she can produce world class graduates and provide tremendous opportunities for students like me who are new to hospitality management, like me. Now after 6 months of academics and 6 months of internship training, I have job offers from Hyatt (Dubai) and Walt Disney (USA). I attribute this to all the Staff of HTMi who have shaped and molded each one of the students to achieve and realise their future goals. I owe a lot to HTMi. I salute you.

Love to HTMi Jay

Lucy Nguyen, Vietnam, Certificate in International Hotel and Tourism Operations, 2006

Hi, my English name is Lucy. I come from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. I went to Switzerland to study in HTMi School. I think HTMi is a good school. HTMi is a school in Soerenberg, where the environment is very clean and quiet. The views are very beautiful with white snow in the winter and colourful landscape in the summer. When I came here I felt very curious. I have my personal life here. I can do everything I like which is within the school rules. I have the chance to study with friendly teachers and practice skills through my operational duties and training. You also have the opportunity here to be learning multi cultural skills because you study with people from different countries. Once you join in HTMi, you will have a special feeling


Elizabeth Pichardo, Dominican Republic, Certificate in International Hotel and Tourism Operations, 2005

My name is Elizabeth Pichardo.

I moved to Switzerland to pursue my Hotel Management education in HTMi Sörenberg14.jpg Switzerland. I have been in Switzerland now for 9 months and have completed my first year and I am looking forward to do my Diploma Course in HTMi.

I very much enjoyed my first year in Sörenberg, as I like the surroundings and very peaceful atmosphere. I think this is the perfect place to pursue and study for my education. But besides the study, I had a lot of fun and I found a lot of friends from all over the world.

Right now I am in my fifth month of internship. I am doing practical training in Hotel Postillon in Luzern as a position in service, which has turned out to be very challenging.

Dear HTMi,

After HTMi I joined Disneyland Paris in Sales and Marketing management and then moved onwards to Marriott. Just like a roller coaster in Disney, life has its ups and downs; it goes through dark tunnels and through marvelous landscapes, through dangerous loops and easy swings. My ride started in Bulgaria and on to America, passing by Switzerland, and currently spinning through France. HTMi, my Swiss experience, has been my stepping stone to the hospitality industry. I realize that the key aspects of professional behaviour, effective time management, and strict discipline are crucial qualities when joining an international multi- unit company.

Marriott happened to recruit me at the newly opened Marriott Vacation Club at

Euro Disney in Paris. Since joining HTMi, I have strengthened my spirit and personality and I have been motivated more than ever to realize my career dreams. Marriott, one of the worlds largest hotel chains, provides numerous life-changing possibilities for ambitious and prosperous students. Keep it up HTMi comrades and go for your dreams, you deserve it!

Tinka Kukushlieva


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